About us

We specialize in producing authentic CONTEMPORARY and TRADITIONAL Latin Music for your

AV productions and we realy enjoy it!

MEXICAN MUSIC LIBRARY is a groundbreaking, handcrafted and authentic music library, designed to fulfill all your Latin American production needs for Film, TV, Radio and Advertising.

Celebrated and renowned composers, arrangers, musicians and sound engineers, have gathered in Mexico City, and  L.A. to develop this unprecedented musical effort.

Our team’s extensive research about the origins and evolution of each of the genres that compose our Musical Universe, has produced a great variety of instruments, rhythms, melodies and harmonies, which translate into a vast array of musical choices at your fingertips.

“Our main goal is to reflect the richness of soundscolorstraditions, and flavors, that give life to our unique Latin American culture.”

“Our approach had to be different than most of the other Music Libraries, because the essence of our Latin and Mexican Music is very emotional, driven by good melodies and is performed with unique rhythms, cadences and instruments. Therefore, relying on imitations of sounds, loops, and melodic clichés, which might work on other musical styles, simply make Mexican Music sound cartoonish at its best.”

(Antonio García Isaac. Founder-Producer-Composer)

In short, we are offering you all the necessary tools to create a real Latin American “Ambience”. Just have a listen to a few of our more than 200 tracks available, and you’ll know what we are all about.

MML is Latin Production Music at it´s best, and if you need to create an Authentic Latino atmosphere or comunicate with Hispanic audiences, MML is by far your best choice and we´ll be glad to help you with your projects.

Types of Licenses:

  •  Needle drop licenses (one track at the time)
  •  Blanket licenses (usage per production)
  • -early subscriptions (unlimited usage) for TV and Radio Networks

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