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Antonio Garcia Isaax

Antonio Garcia Isaac

Founder, Music Composer, Producer and Musician

Born in Mexico city, composer, producer and multi instrumentalist, Antonio Garcia Isaac started writing music when he was a teenager. Early on in his career, his Latin rock band called Sotano landed a record deal with Sony Music, and recorded the album called Sotano, which went into the billboards in South America, with the song “Tu nunca sabras”.

After the band early breakup, in the mid nineties Antonio founded the music house Penthouse Music, where he wrote, and produced  music for many award winning ad campaigns for clients such as Nissan, Bacardi, Mars, Budweisser, Bud light, Kmart, U.S. Bank, Polaroid, Miller, etc. VIEW MORE…

José Luis Rodrigez

Recording, mixing and mastering engineer
Jose Luis has recorded mixed and mastered albums for artists such as Luis Miguel, Kerigma, Banda Machos, Paulina Rubio, Tucanes de Tijuana, Alex Sintek, etc. Great connoisseur of Mexican music, Jose Luis always finds the perfect sound for each style.

Bernardo Sanchez

Recording, editing, programming and voice.
Graduated from Fermata in Audio and Piano Engineering, Bernardo records, chooses, adjusts, sings, raps, and operates dozens of shots, before going to play with his band at night.

Edenir López

Percussionist and Hip Hop Producer
Brazilian, specialist in Brazilian and Afro-Latin rhythms and producer of Hip Hop. With a track that includes Bands like “Furia Percursiva” and recordings with the “Amigos invisibles”.

Julio Jaramillo

Julio Jaramillo

A musician and producer of great career, Julio has produced artists of great successes like: Alberto Vasquez, Franco, Yuri, Raphael, and many others. Now director of violins of the classical orchestra of Mexico, Julio brings his violin talent to our bookstore.

Felipe Gutierrez

Piano, Marimba, Percussion, composer
Born in Veracruz known in the middle as the “King of the piano”. Felipe has been arranger of groups like the Mariachi America, has touched in numerous orchestras of Salsa, Cumbia and Danzon, and has accompanied artists of the stature of Yuri, Celia Cruz and Gualberto Castro.

Jorge Pineda

Edicion, Composicion Tecno.
Graduated from Fermata and with an excellent rhythmic sense Jorge makes all kinds of editions, and programs Dance and Techno rhythms incorporating new currents to our project.

Domingo Suarez

Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Headbands
An extraordinary trumpeter, Mingo has played in acclaimed orchestras like “Sonora Dinamita”, La Sonora Matancera, La Sonora Santanera, Celia Cruz, Gilberto Santarosa and many more.

Roberto Aguilar

Guitar, Requinto, Bass.
Great connoisseur and lover of the musical styles of bolero and trio, Roberto is a guitarist, who combines an impeccable technique with a deep and very emotional tone. Roberto has contributed his musical lines to top artists such as Guadalupe Pineda and Los Panchos.

Dariane Francesca

Marketing and Promotion
Originally from Sao Paulo Brazil, an expert in multimedia platform design, digital marketing and a lover of Latin music, Dariane gives constant maintenance to the MML platform and at the same time is in charge of coordinating contracts for musicians.

Messias Andrade

Singer, Drummer and percussionist
Brazilian, specialist in Brazilian and Afro-Latin rhythms.



Luis Alberto Ballesteros

Vihuela, Fifth, Guitarron, accordion.
Muiltinstrumentalist in the genre mariachi, Alberto played in the best nightclubs in Mexico and has accompanied artists such as Aida Cuevas, Estela Nuñes, Pablo Montero, etc. His excellent rhythmic sense gives much life to our huapangos, cumbias and sones.

Mauricio Huerta Suarez

Clarinet, alto sax, tenor and baritone.
Despite his youth, Mauricio masterfully mastered the family of woods in styles as diverse as Cumbia, Salsa, Danzón, Norteño and Banda. He currently plays in Elias Ochoa’s big band orchestra.


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