Mexican Music Library

Being the first library of its kind our music has been featured in the most important TV networks, shows, series, films and commercials such as Better Call Saul, American Idol, Honda, Cásese quien pueda, Archer, Dancing with the Stars and dozens more.


The night my mother

Archer “Quiero conocerte”

Cerveza Patagonia “La Colombiana”

 Cook like the locals “Vamos a bailar”

 World’s Got Talent

Mc Donalds Billboard “Bal bal bal”

Especial de Rosanna & Thalia

An Ode to the Hass Avocado (Rubio’s)

Cásese Quien Pueda  “Vamos a bailar”

The Fosters “Abre la puerta”

No más cruces Mirandillas

Pituca sin Lucas  Soy” y “Como me gusta”

Making of Mexican Music Library

Childrens Hospital “Danzon 35 grados”

Pituca sin Lucas  “Cambia las reglas…”


Nos mas cruces

Saturday Night Live “Quiero conocerte”